• December 01 2015


    Once a month, VadoVia will shine a spotlight on a tour that travelers have shared on the VadoVia app.   There are no paid promotions, these are the real deal….trips that the travelers have personally experienced.  So, sit back and enjoy the ride! 

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    Cheryl Mac Donald and Lisa Chavis

    Cheryl Mac Donald and Lisa Chavis of What Boundaries Travel and The Travel Pharmacist live by the motto What Boundaries? Live your Dream!  They both had “normal” jobs before  they decided in 2007 to sell everything and buy an around the world plane ticket.  Their adventure was supposed to last only six months at the most, but somewhere in that time they got hooked and since have volunteered in South Africa and Mexico , WOOFed in Hawaii and New Zealand, and backpacked across Europe and Asia.  So far they have traveled to 5 continents, 48 countries and well over 250 cities! 



    TOUR LINK: http://www.vadovia.com/tour/Adventures-in-Rotorua-New-Zealand


    Tour Stop HIGHLIGHTS:

    Rotorua Museum of Art and History:  The museum is located in the historic Bath House building.  Be sure to take advantage of the free-guided tour (included with your admission price) around the museum.  After your tour head to the roof for a 360 view of the town.

    Polynesian Spa:  After exploring Rotorua this is the perfect way to relax and benefit from the mineral waters that are renown for their therapeutic properties.   For the true spa experience you can choose from many services such as massage, wraps and scrubs.

    The Redwoods:  Looking for a great way to spend the day that will keep you on your budget?  Pack up your lunch, some water and prepare to spend the day in the glorious redwoods of the Whakarewarewa Forest.

    Zorb Rotorua:  Interested in adding a little more excitement to your visit?  Check out the newest craze in New Zealand, Zorbing.  Step into a big rubber ball and choose your pleasure!  Wet ride, dry ride, solo ride, grab a friend ride, straight ride, or zig zag ride, they all offer fun and excitement!

    Rotorua Duck Tour:   So it might be a little corny but it is still a fun time especially for the family!  A little bit of driving, a little bit of boating, a little bit of history and a lot of fun!







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  • August 04 2015


    Once a month, VadoVia will shine a spotlight on a tour that travelers have shared on the VadoVia app.   There are no paid promotions, these are the real deal….trips that the travelers have personally experienced.  So, sit back and enjoy the ride!  

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    Jonny Blair

    Jonny Blair is a nomadic Northern Irishman.  He grew up in the seaside town of Bangor but left it all behind to see the world.  He has worked, backpacked and charmed his way to over 80 countries, spanning all 7 continents and held over 50 different jobs all around the world to fund his travel obsession.  His jobs have been diverse such as welcoming guests to functions, selling hot dogs, harvesting echinacea and planting pyrethrum.

    In 2007, he started his blog “Don’t Stop Living” when backpacking in Toronto.  At the start it was just telling stories from his travels, his jobs and his lifestyle. Over the years it became more extensive and popular than he ever could have imagined.  In addition to his wonderful travel stories, he also provides great travel tips and inspires others to get out there and travel.

    Tour:  A DAY IN HONG KONG                                                       

    TOUR LINK: http://www.vadovia.com/tour/A-Day-in-Hong-Kong

    Tour Stop HIGHLIGHTs:

    Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade:   Start off by walking along the promenade.  You will walk along the Avenue of Stars featuring some famous Hong Kongese and Chinese people like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.  You can pose for photos with them for free and admire the fantastic views of Hong Kong Island.

    Star Ferry Pier:  After walking along the seafront promenade in Tsim Sha Tsui, hop on the Star Ferry to ferry across to Hong Kong Island.  This ferry is notorious for being one of the cheapest short cruises in the world.  The views are astonishing and you don’t need to book in advance! 

    Man Mo Temple:  Once you get off the ferry at Central Ferry Piers, walk around Hong Kong’s business hub and then head to Hollywood Road to see the famous Man Mo Temple.  Built in 1847, it is the oldest and most well-known temple in Hong Kong.


    Victoria Peak:  Now for some fantastic views of Hong Kong.  Head to the peak tram entrance which is walkable from Central.   You may have to wait in line but the views are well worth the wait. 

     Lan Kwai Fong:  After a day of sightseeing in Tsim Sha Tsui and Central,  Lan Kwai Fong is the place to relax or party.   The street is packed with bars and restaurants to suit all tastes – from Irish bars, American cafes, Chinese tea houses to Italian restaurants.  


    Other tours by the Jonny Blair on the VadoVia app:

    A Walking Tour of Asuncion in Paraguay

    A Walking Tour of Belfast in Northern Ireland

    A Walking Tour of Bournemouth in England  

    A Cycling Tour in Montevideo in Uruguay  

    A Walking Tour of Paramaribo in Suriname  

    A Walking Tour of Chongqing in China

    A Walking Tour of Devonport in Tasmania, Australia

    A Walking Tour of Bangor in Northern Ireland

    A Walking Tour of Parramatta in Australia

    A Walking Tour of Old Town Quito in Ecuador

    A Walking Tour of Harar in Ethiopia

    A Walking Tour of Chiayi in Taiwan

    A Walking Tour of St. Malo in France

    A Walking Tour of Ljubljana in Slovenia

    A One-Day Hiking Guide to the Blue Mountains in Australia  

    A Walking Tour of Hobart in Tasmania

    A Driving Tour of Gaborone in Botswana

    Best of Swaziland Day Tour

    A Walking Tour of Bogota in Columbia 

    A Walking Tour of Panama Old City

    A Tour of Kaesong in North Korea

    A Walking Tour of Central Pyongyang in North Korea

    A Walking Tour of Gu Lang Yu Island in China

    A Walking Tour of the Top 5 Antarctic Islands

    A Walking Tour of Nazareth Old City

    Highlights of Bandar Seri Begawan

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  • July 14 2015


    Once a month, VadoVia will shine a spotlight on a tour that travelers have shared on the VadoVia app.   There are no paid promotions, these are the real deal….trips that the travelers have personally experienced.  So, sit back and enjoy the ride!  

    Download the VadoVia app  for FREE to view many other tours shared by your fellow travelers.


    GlobetrotterGirls  (http://globetrottergirls.com/) was founded by Jess Ainlay, an American freelance travel editor and writer, and Dani Heinrich, a German freelance photographer and writer. Their passion for travel was a thirst that couldn’t be quenched by just a few holidays a year. This is why in 2010, they decided to kick the idea of ‘having’ a bucket list and instead started ‘living’ it. They packed up their London flat and took their jobs with them on the road. In 2014, the pair separated and GlobetrotterGirls is now run solely by Dani, who has been living as a digital nomad for over five years now, combining a full time work schedule with a full time travel schedule. She has climbed volcanoes, swam with sharks and sting-rays in Belize, gone caving deep into sacred and ancient Mayan caves, tried street food around the world, swam with turtles in the Philippines, nearly got robbed in Uruguay and has become an avid house sitter, taking care of pets around the globe. As a believer in slow travel, she tries to spend quality time in most of the locations she visits.  

    Tour:  A Perfect London Day, Off-the-Beaten-Track

    TOUR LINK: http://www.vadovia.com/tour/The-perfect-London-day,-off-the-beaten-track


    Tour Stop HIGHLIGHTs:

    Sunrise Kayaking on Regents Canal:  There’s a lot to fit in just 24 hours in London, so the day begins before the crack of dawn at Regents Canal for a kayaking tours of canals with Thames River Adventures. (www.thamesriveradventures.co.uk) Paddle the canal when it’s serene and nearly silent – the only sounds coming from animals waking at the London Zoo as you glide past and on to the celebrity mansions of Primrose Hill.  The tour ends in the post-punk mecca of Camden Town.

    The Breakfast Club: After kayaking, head to the Breakfast Club just near Angel tube station in the Islington area. Make your way to Chalk Farm Tube Station and take the Northern Line to Angel. A small chain, this is by far the most popular breakfast club. Make sure to have a look around the independent stores in Camden Passage while you’re there.  This picturesque alley has been named one of London’s top 5 little shopping streets by Guardian news.

    Abney Park Cemetery – Stamford Hill:    Abney Park in East London is home to struggling artists and future creative geniuses.  The park is not a park but a mystical, almost magical Victorian cemetery with fascinating, yet crumbling, tombstones filled with history.  Tourists have yet to discover this treasure even though it was featured in Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ video.

    East London- Exploring Shoreditch:  Storeditch, the heart of East London, is filled with unique street art, countless bars and little coffee shops.


    Brick Lane- Best Indian Curry in Town:  Historically, the Brick Lane area has been London’s Indian and Bangladeshi enclave and the street itself is lined with dozen Indian restaurants.  Waiters stand outside in front of each to strike up deals to pull you inside their restaurant.  Barter here to get at least one, if not two, free bottles of wine and/or free appetizers.  On Sundays, you can experience the popular Brick Lane Flea Marker. Step into some of the trendy shops (don’t miss Rough Trade East records) and wander through the Old Truman Brewery.

    Spitalfields (Crispin Place):  It’s a short walk from Brick Lane to Spitalfields Market- one of London’s most popular markets. Vendors sell just about everything you never even knew you wanted. Around the edges of this indoor market are several restaurants and small artisanal food vendors.  On Sundays, there’s a giant clothes market (Petticoat Lane Market) just a short walk from Spitalfields.

    Other tours by the Globetrottergirls on the VadoVia app

    A Perfect Week-end in Buenos Aires http://www.vadovia.com/tour/The-perfect-weekend-in-BuenosAires                                         

    24 hours in Santiago de Chile http://www.vadovia.com/tour/24-hours-in-Santiago-de-Chile

    24 hours in Mexico City on a Tight Budget http://www.vadovia.com/tour/24-hours-in-Mexico-City-on-a-tight-budget

    A Pizza Tour Through Buenos Aires http://www.vadovia.com/tour/A-pizza-tour-through-Buenos-Aires


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  • June 01 2015


    Once a month, VadoVia shines a spotlight on a tour that travelers have shared on the VadoVia app.   There are no paid promotions, these are the real deal….trips that the travelers have personally experienced.  So, sit back and enjoy the ride!  

    Download the VadoVia app  for FREE to view many other tours shared by your fellow travelers.


    Erin Morris (http://www.delapuravida.com) is a location independent US expat living in Costa Rica.  She first visited Costa Rica in 2008 and fell in love with the climate, abundant wildlife, and laid back way of life.  So, in early 2010, she and her dog moved to Costa Rica.

    She finances her stay in Costa Rica by operating an online graphic design business that specializes in books and websites.  She has also satisfied her never-ending curiosity by trying on different hats, from full time traveler to newspaper editor to English teacher to yoga instructor to writer.

    When she’s not blogging, she’s looking for her next adventure, exercising, cooking, walking in the mountains with her dogs or hanging out at the beach.

    Tour:  Drake Bay


    TOUR LINK:  http://www.vadovia.com/tour/Amazing-Drake-Bay

    Tour Stop HIGHLIGHTs:

    Corcovado National Park:  A 263 square mile national park located on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. Corcovado has 10% of the world’s biodiversity. National Geographic calls it “the most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity.  It’s WILD!  It’s like visiting a tropical rainforest zoo where the animals are running free!  There are several options for touring the park; a half-day guided tour starts at Drake Bay at the crack of dawn and involves a one hour boat ride there and back.  Guides have well-trained eyes that can spot some of the better camouflaged animals, they know where to find the Baird’s Tapirs and they share interesting facts about all the wildlife.  Another option is to hike the park.

    Hike the coastal trail from Drake Bay to Rio Claro:  This hike is free and absolutely breathtaking. Leave early in the morning and pack a picnic lunch and plenty of water.  The hike takes you along the coast through several changing landscapes, over several different swinging bridges and to a ridiculous amount of different types of secluded beaches.  End the hike at Rio Claro and rent a kayak to paddle back up the river; or hike back to Rio Claro and go to Playa San Josecito where you can snorkel and catch a boat back to Drake Bay. Note: be careful planning this trip because boats don’t always pick up passengers at Playa San Josecito and you can’t hike back on the trail during high tide. If you get stuck, you can hike up to Poor Man’s Paradise, up to the top of the mountain and then follow the road back to Drake Bay which is about a 5 hour hike.

    Swim with Bioluminescent Phytoplankton at Night:  At the local bar, La Jungla, there is a man who can take you on a guided night tour where you can swim with the awesome, glowing bioluminescence of phytoplankton.  Go to the bar at least a day in advance to ask if he is available for a tour. Get his phone number and call him before dark on the afternoon you want to go. 

    Whale and Dolphin Watching: There are over 25 species of whales and dolphins that live or are passing by Drake Bay.  You have an excellent chance to see them.  You can buy a half-day or full day tour.

    Kayak:  Kayak in the many nearby rivers or in the ocean.  Rio Claro is a particularly fun river to kayak in.  Kayaks can be rented by the hour and prices are negotiable.

    Beach Time:  Drake Bay is an excellent place to hike and explore but don’t forget to chill out and spend some time on the beach. There are beaches you can safely swim in near the town center as well as many hidden secluded beaches along the coastal jungle trail. Don’t go in the water above your knees if there are riptides!  Don’t forget sunblock – this part of the earth is very close to the equator. 

    Other tours by Erin Morris on the VadoVia app:  

    Costa Rica Culture Tour : http://www.vadovia.com/tour/Costa-Rica-Culture-Tour

    Chillin’ in Cahuita: http://www.vadovia.com/tour/Chillin-in-Cahuita

    Epic Costa Rican Volcano Tour: http://www.vadovia.com/tour/Epic-Costa-Rican-Volcano-Tour 









    Two Days in San Jose:  http://www.vadovia.com/tour/Two-Days-in-San-Jose,-Costa-Rica


    Download the VadoVia app  for FREE to view many other tours shared by your fellow travelers. 

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  • May 01 2015


    TRAVELERS  Spotlight

    Once a month, VadoVia will shine a spotlight on a tour that travelers have shared on the VadoVia app.   There are no paid promotions, these are the real deal….trips that the travelers have personally experienced.  So, sit back and enjoy the ride!  

    Download the VadoVia app  for FREE to view many other tours shared by your fellow travelers.



    Brandon Elijah Scott (aka Eye and Pen) is a travel writer, photographer, graphic designer, film maker, book zealot and last but not least, a whiskey snob.  Brandon’s travel writing, narrative stories and photography have been extensively published in over 20 countries.  Brandon prides himself on being a citizen of the world. His dream is to travel the world and experience life to the absolute fullest by living a nomadic  lifestyle, offbeat of the typical, soul-sucking corporate path and enjoying his time with as many wonderful people along the way.

    Tour:  The Perfect Dublin Pub Crawl


    TOUR LINK:  http://www.vadovia.com/tour/The-perfect-Dublin-pub-crawl


    Tour Stop HIGHLIGHTs:


    Cellar Bar and Restaurant:  The Cellar bar is hidden underneath the Merrion Hotel.  It’s an interesting hotspot in Dublin, with its stone walls and seemingly endless supply of labeled bottles.  This is a great place to start before heading out on a late night crawl.  Grab a bite to eat and a nice glass of wine from its carefully selected wine collection.         

    Anseo: In a complete contrast to the Cellar Bar, the Anseo is not your typical Irish pub – in fact, it’s not even close.  This pub is an eclectic mix of alternative and funkiness, with an unpretentious, honest, smooth vibe.  It has a bit of a ‘hidden gem’ feel to it.  Once you arrive, take a seat, relax and enjoy a few selections from its healthy beer stock.

    The Stag’s Head:  Distinctive and wonderful, The Stag's Head is certainly another wonderful piece of Dublin's charm. It's loved particularly by the Trinity College students, but it has more of a quirky brilliance than other local pubs. It has a bit of multiple personality syndrome, spreading haphazardly from its main floor to its bookworm-esque upstairs and oh-so interesting basement.


    The Temple Bar:  The most well-known of Dublin’s original pubs.  It’s as well-known as any pub in Ireland and the UK and the crowd proves it so.  Even though it’s teeming with tourists, it’s still work a quick stop, a little light craic (conversations) and a wonderful local dram of Irish Whiskey.


    Library Bar:  This pub is a relaxed, best-kept-secret of Dublin. With its lavish couches and chairs scattered all around, it’s a perfect place to wind down from a heavy night of drinking.  Sink down in a seat next to the fireplace and admire the walls filled with antique books.


    Other tours by the Eye & Pen on the VadoVia app:  


    A Magical Night in Venice:  http://www.vadovia.com/tour/A-magical-night-in-Venice

    A Perfect Day in Columbus:  http://www.vadovia.com/tour/A-perfect-day-in-Columbus


    Tasty Tapas in Barcelona:  http://www.vadovia.com/tour/Tasty-tapas-in-Barcelona


    Must See in Spain:  http://www.vadovia.com/tour/Must-sees-of-Spain


    Download the VadoVia app  for FREE to view many other tours shared by your fellow travelers. 

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